Gas Sensors Market: Overview

As the disastrous effects of flammable and toxic gases were discovered, gas leakage detection methods became a serious concern. There arose a need for a system that could notify the concerned authorities about the presence of hazardous gases in an area, and this triggered the innovation of gas sensors.

A gas sensor detects the existence of unwanted gases in the atmosphere, usually as a component of the integrated safety system. Such a sensor is capable of detecting gas leaks and other hazardous emissions and can co-ordinate with the connected control system to process an automatic safety shut down.

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Development of portable gas detectors made it even easier to detect harmful gases in the environment. Now, the concerned personnel can use a hand-held gas detection device that is integrated with gas sensors. It provides quicker and more reliable gas detection solution, and is compact and light in weight enabling easy access to tough to reach areas. Moreover, gas sensors are also used in medical breath analysis to check the patient’s health

Gas Sensors Market: Segmentation

Globally, the gas sensors market can be segmented on the basis of technology as follows:

Infrared gas sensors
Catalytic gas sensors
Photo-ionization detector (PID)
Solid-state gas sensors
Semiconductor sensors
Electro-chemical sensors
With respect to the application, the global gas sensors market can be segmented into:

Automotive applications
Petro-chemical applications
Environmental applications
Building and industrial automation applications
Medical applications
Other applications
Gas Sensors Market: Drivers and Restraint

Development of miniaturized technologies and wireless capabilities is one of the major trends that is expected to drive the global gas sensors market. The safety and security required at workplaces as per the government standards is also anticipated to propel the gas sensors market globally.

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However, high initial as well as operational and maintenance costs challenge the markets global growth. Low awareness among the public, the ever-changing technology and the constant product innovation might actually challenge the market growth.

Gas Sensors Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is expected to be the most lucrative market over the forecast period owing to the rise in negative factors, such as extreme industrialization and pollutant emissions, in countries, such as India.Europe and North America regions are expected to follow APAC and become the second largest contributors to the global gas sensors market.

Gas Sensors Market: Key Players

Following are some of the key vendors in the global gas sensors market:

Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Trolex Ltd.
Siemens AG
Robert Bosch
Nemoto& Co. Ltd.
NGK Insulators Ltd.
Membrapor AG
GFG Europe Ltd.
Figaro Engineering
Dynament Ltd.
Dragerwerk AG & Co.
City Technologies
Aeroqual Ltd.
ABB Ltd.

Research Methodology:

Trends Market Research surveys a number of companies in order to estimate the data covered in the report through triangulation methodology. A detailed market understanding and assessment ofthe drive and application segments covered in the study. The research methodology alsoincludes interviews conducted for various industry leaders by the research experts. Thishelps the researchers to match their previous findings with the ones confirmed fromvarious resource persons. The report focuses on analyzing the supply-side approaches andkeeps a track of that of the demand-side so as to make sure the findings are true. Theglobal market scenario has been derived by consolidation of regional market overviews.

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