A rising number of companies in the United States and committing to depending on renewable sources of energy.  The majority of the companies are renewable-dependent by 2050; however, this does not apply to all companies. The Tennessee Valley Authority seems to be an exception in the shift.

The Tennessee Valley Authority in the United States’ largest public utility company and its decision not to fall in line with renewable energy is a significant effect on most parties involved in the commercial sector. The most affected party in Music City. This was recently evident following the national carbon competitiveness report published by David Gardiner and associates. According to the report set timer statutes in Tennessee Valley authority energy policies   are disadvantages to companies that are on the move towards adopting enable sources of energy.

This outcome extends to larger areas, including beatings like Bowling Green, Kentucky, Huntsville, Alabama. According to James Hewett, more companies are taking environmental concerns for their time in the next strategies. He attests that some small-sized companies are forced to integrate renewable energy alternatives as a compliance measure with the major players. Policies rolling out continuously favor companies using clean energy. However, companies not complying with energy regulation standards are at a disadvantage.

Hewett further advises that companies reluctant to shift will have an easy time for now. However, the future is not in their favor, and he advises the companies to adopt sustainable energy models before it is too late. Top business leaders in Nashville, including Michael Vandenbergh, a university law professor and a leading player in Vanderbilt’s Climate Change Research Network, confirms these results.

Vandenberg’s insight on the matter is that the model applies to other areas, including Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and other towns around the TVA jurisdiction. This situation, in turn, affects other areas slowing down the adoption of green energy.

However, officials from TVA ascertain that the company is aware of the report and its implications. He confirmed that the company supports the move toward sustainable business practices and their impact on the future. In a statement, he further reiterates that both TVA and the governing bodies are working towards creating a green sustainable future fully dependent on green energy.

The industry is gradually shifting to renewable energy. However, there are companies and parties still fixed on using carbon-heavy sources of energy. Fortunately, there are stringent regulations that ensure players in the manufacturing industry join the move.

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