The electric vehicle industry’s challenge is how to charge the electric vehicles, making it an impediment for consumers’ uptake. Electric vehicles come with numerous battery sizes and charge at varying speeds. One electric vehicle would charge at different rates depending on the nature of the charging system.

Electric vehicles are not suited to charging on one type of charger for a long time. Sometimes changing the charger to a fast charger helps the vehicle’s owner charge the vehicle fully in a short time. This factor is a challenge for drivers who want to try electric vehicles since they may not have the time to make these changes. Electric vehicle owners prefer charging at home or work. The recharging may take a long for those drivers who don’t own a suitable network. However, the drivers who have installed charging systems at home and work have an easy time charging their vehicles. This concept is appropriate compared to the frequent refills that the drivers would demand at gas stations.

Those who live in rented apartments have to ensure that their houses have installed charging systems to ensure they only connect an extension cable. The advantage of this is that they would be able to recharge the cars overnight. A 120-volt charger would charge the vehicle to charge at speeds capable of ensuring the vehicle moves 50 miles after every charge. On the other hand, a 240-volt charger would increase the mileage range to 65-75 miles after every hour. One Nissan Leaf owner managed to convince his condo building to install a 240-volt charging system after noting that it takes longer to charge at affordable prices from the public station.

Additionally, public places and quarters are installing the level two charging systems to ensure that customers purchase more electric vehicles without fear of mileage range problems. Another customer who owns a Tesla Model X explained that his car is always ready for his daily expeditions. He noted that Tesla has a pronounced charging system that ensures they enjoy recharging services at the points they like. Additionally, the company offers installation services to its customers in their homes to ensure that they enjoy electric vehicles’ technology.

The electric vehicle industry partners with governments to install as many charging stations as possible countrywide to ensure customers enjoy strolling in these new cars. Tesla has proved that an automaker can switch to 100 percent electric vehicle development, and General Motors is trying to emulate this strategy. In conclusion, the other companies will be joining this trend to prepare the scrap out of the diesel and gasoline cars. The government is also supporting these efforts by allowing charging stations in all the country’s corners.

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